Key West Sailfish Charter Fishing Tours

Fishing means different things to different people. To some, fishing satisfies a primal hunting urge, more like man versus nature, to others it is a meaningful bonding time with loved ones and to others, it is simply a simple pleasure to enjoy nature and having to do nothing at all.

Long time ago, people used fishing as a means of survival and providing food. It slowly advanced as a sport, with the invention of fish rods and fishing nets. Today, despite increased human populations creating a great number of demands on rivers and lakes, fishing for sport remains one of the most popular forms of outdoor recreation in the world. People who consider fishing as their favorite past time love a good fishing challenge of where to find fish, the ways of the water, how to best tempt fish into being taken and the nature of water bodies.

As Key West Sailfish Charter Fishing Tours we are pleased to indulge you with fishing experiences that will forever be engraved in your memory. Our services not only provide you with great adrenaline rush but also you get to have real fun and a time of your life. We have been in the industry for years and therefore we know some interesting fishing holes and fishing excavations that few people have been able to access.

Our fishing charter boat services are characterized into three packages;

  1. Fishing Charters
  2. Specialty Fishing
  3. Boating Charters
  1. Fishing Charters

Under this category, we provide the following services:

Backcountry fishing

As the name suggests, backcountry fishing is fishing in untouched waters. You get to enjoy calm, serene, quiet and clean waters while you go fishing. We use bay boats for this type of adventure to offer proper stability fishing platforms. You will also be guaranteed to catch a wide variety of fish species when you choose background fishing.

Flats fishing

With this service, you will be fishing on shallow waters without the waves. In normal cases, it takes some depth of water for wind to create waves and therefore the deeper the water the bigger the waves. In flat fishing, still waters don’t run deep and you get to find predator fish which are easier to ambush and chase down. If you are looking not to work too hard catching fish, this is a perfect experience for you.

Reef wreck fishing

A trip for reef wreck fishing is one of the most unforgettable experiences. If you are great at fishing and are looking for that trophy fish to show off or you just want to have a fun family outing for bonding and fishing, this is the best activity for you. You will find all types of interesting diverse fish species such as wahoo, dolphins, marlins and also sailfish. To access these areas, we have special kind of boats that will enable you achieve this ultimate experience.

Wreck fishing

Wreck fishing involves fishing in waters with rough bottoms, shipwrecks, submarines and artificial reefs. When these large items drop in the sea and start to decay, they become refuge to small marine creatures. We boast of having the knowledge of knowing where the wrecks are and how to drift over them. We will also teach you how to fish in such areas, learn about the available species and the productivity of these wrecks. If you want to challenge yourself with a new fishing adventure, this type of fishing is ideal for you.

Deep sea fishing

It is also referred to as offshore boat fishing, sport fishing or big game fishing. This fishing is ideal for people who are not afraid to be further away from land. The water depth must be at least 30 meters to be considered deep sea fishing area. If you are looking to catch big game and looking for that thrill of the real hunt, this will pass as a life changing experience for you.

All in wonder fishing

All in wonder fishing is the best way to sample as many fishing techniques as possible. You will also get to sample as many new spots and scenarios as possible. We tailor make different fishing experiences for you as per your request and we cover many different areas to get all your day’s worth

Family fun fishing

This is all about going out there with your family and having great fun. You can teach your little ones how to fish; you can bond over a good catch and have smiles and accomplishment with this type of activity. The great benefit about family fun fishing is that we can customize it any way you like. We take into great consideration of your own safety including that of your children. We also offer lessons and assistance to the little ones so that the elders can sit back and relax.

Fishing and snorkeling

Fishing and snorkeling is a great combination to enjoy both snorkeling and deep sea fishing. You also get to admire great marine life while at it. This type of fishing is most popular with couples who are looking to have a wonderful excursion. We tailor make this fishing expeditions depending on how much time you want to spend.

  1. Specialty Fishing

Under specialty fishing, we offer the following:

Tarpon fishing

Tarpons are large air breathing fish found in the Atlantic and the Indo-pacific seas. This fish is also nicknamed the silver king derived from the bright flash that reflects from its body as it jumps. Most individuals consider tarpons as the ultimate sport fish due to its endurance, explosiveness and its jumping ability. We offer this service for anyone looking for a real deep water challenge and the thrill of a lifetime.

Shark fishing

If you are looking for an adventure in dangerous waters, if you are a thrill seeker who wants big fish, this is the trip for you. Sharks are considered dangerous, but they also put on an exciting run away from boats. Each species of shark has its own unique features and habits and whichever species you prefer to hunt, we assist you in making every catch a unique experience.

Bone fishing

Bone fishing is a popular sport among many people for fishing the bone fish. Bone fish live in shallow or flat waters and therefore fishing is mainly done by wading of from a shallow draft boat. We provide bone fishing services if you are looking for new challenges and excitement.

Marquesas Keys

The Marquesas Keys is a group of islands believed to have been formed by a meteorite, a fisherman’s paradise. People who have experienced fishing in the Marquesas Keys say that the place is a diamond in the ruff. The fishing grounds in this area are loaded with various animals including; turtles, birds, tarpons, permit, sharks, barracudas, snook, redfish and bonefish. Flat fishing is mostly done here and apart from an amazing fishing experience, you will also enjoy the scenic views of the islands, seascape and the grassy shores.

Tournament fishing

This is ideal for any competitors or teams that have the drive and determination to show off their skills. We organize fishing tournaments; from clearly defined water bodies to a series of competitive events. The anglers compete for prizes based on various categories. We strive to ensure that event is much fun; participants get to be competitive, bond with each other, learn and share ideas.

Group fishing

What could be more exciting and enjoyable than to have a whole boat just for your group? We offer customize group fishing expeditions for any fishing of your choosing. Depending on the number group of people, we make it our business to accommodate everyone for a good time.

  1. Boating Charters

We provide boat charter services to our customers as well. We offer the best boating experiences in our area providing private snorkeling trips, custom boating trips, eco tours, adventure charters and lobstering trips. Our boats are all very versatile for a wide variety of tours and are equipped to provide you with the best comfort and experience of a lifetime.

Whether you are just a fishing beginner or you have years of experience on the same, fishing is a science that requires the angler to acquire the knowledge of an environment, and then learn the habits and actions of the fish and then entice the fish to attack the bait. Let us help you take the day off, have a piece of mind and learn a great deal of patience.