Catfish Fishing Tips: Expert Tips on How to Catch Catfish

Catfish fishing is exciting. They taste great on the dinner table, are plentiful and fight hard. Catfish are usually willing biters, too, and can be easily captured from the banks as well as from a boat using a bait rig. A lot of people are now discovering catfish fishing as a fun and thrilling sport! As a reason, catfish fishing is now a popular sport from different country’s across the globe. Whatever your reason is for catfish fishing, it will surely bring out the best in you. The following is a brief of everything you need to know about catfish fishing.Catfish Fishing Tips

Interesting Facts About Catfish Fishing

Catfish is a popular name for a big group of ray-finned fish in the Siluriformes order. Their popular name comes from their prominent barbels that look like the whiskers of a feline. They can be as small as a parasite or as big as six 600 lbs. Catfish are found all over the world. Antarctica is the only exception. Catfish are well-known by a wide variety of slang names such as polliwogs, mud cats, and chuckleheads. They have no scales and have a mucus-covered, slimy body. Catfish are bottom feeders and don’t have any incisor form teeth; they capture and feed on their prey by gulping or suctioning them into their mouth

Catfish fishing is an energetic and fun sport which calls for a lot of hard work once you’ve captured one at the end of your fishing rod, from the gigantic wels catfish which can be enormous to many other different kinds which you can catch throughout the world. One thing for sure particularly with the wels catfish you’ll have to battle to win your catfish. This is why cat fishing is such a very addictive fishing type since you have the rush, energy, and excitement that will make you want to do it again and again.

Catfish fishing can be carried out in many rivers and lakes all over the world and can be the most enjoyable experience you’ll ever have outdoors; you’ll need to try various methods until you determine the one that suits you. And believe it or not, in no time you will be bringing in large hauls of catfish that are huge.

Catfish Fishing Tips And Tricks

Being a better catfish angler is all about knowing a few catfish fishing tips. You do not require a fancy boat or the most expensive rod to fill the boat up, but you do need a little know how and some confidence to give it a try.

  1. Choose the right time to fish

You want to be going out and looking for them when they’re feeding. Anglers should go catfish fishing during the late afternoons or early mornings when they will be out in force hunting for their food. Furthermore, take the seasons into account. Autumn, when the heat of the summer meets the cold breeze of the winter, is the best time to go cat fishing. You do not need to fish for catfish at this period of the day, but this is when they are most likely to take the bait, and they will be in the shallows of the river or lake making it easier for you to find them and catch them.

  1. Choose your bait carefully

The most important thing to take into account when selecting bait is to determine the size of the catfish you want to catch and the water temperature of the lake. The rule of thumb is to use cut-bait for the best luck in late winter and spring. The cut bait of choice is mackerel and should be used when the water temperature is less than 60 degrees. Catfish usually feed on minnows and crayfish that die during winter and sink to the bottom. Bait scent is the key here, Fish in deeper portions of the lake then shift your efforts to shallow water afterwards. The shallow water warms faster and draws catfish into the nearby shore braided fishing line.

  1. Use a map

Map study is not something done by pan fish and bass fish anglers only. Catfish often relate to flats, scouring holes, and deep creek channels. These areas can be quickly spotted with a lake map. For river anglers, look at the aerial imagery on Google Earth and mark down deep holes and runs to focus your efforts.

  1. The size of the catfish matters

Catfish have several varieties as well as sizes. Knowing the catfish size that you want to will allows you to get proper fishing gears, baits, and equipment. This way, you can save plenty of your time while fishing for these cats.

  1. Determine the fishing gear to use

Feel free to use different reels, rods, as well as small and big fishing hooks in your journey. For those anglers who’re on limited funds, this equipment is excellent to use. These types of tools are not only simple but are also very affordable. However, if you’re angling for bigger cats, then the bigger equipment is recommended.

Any type of fishing gear is just fine, as long as they are durable and reliable. So, always double check your lines, rods and everything you have before heading out by boat.

  1. Know what type of catfish you want

As said earlier, catfishes have different groups. Each of these cats has their own strength and weakness. By knowing what type of cat you want to catch will give you a great advantage. This way, catfish fishing will be more easy and fun.


You may be one of the many folks that are out there doing this on a routine basis, or you may be someone that wants to try it. If you’re either of these individuals then I will say to you now it’s one of the best bits of fishing that you’ll ever do in your lifetime, just try it and see.

All of these tips and tricks are beneficial for every angler who wants to head out cat fishing. Practicing these cat fishing techniques is also a great when catfish fishing.…

How to Use Cat-fishing Baits Properly- The Ultimate Guide

 How to use cat- fishing baits properly

How to use cat- fishing baits properly

Cat-fishing is a lot of fun because catfish will eat a great variety of foods, so the chance to find your success and different cat-fishing baits are easy. However, you need to make sure you are bailing the catfish properly if you want to catch a large catfish. With so many different kinds of baits, how do you bait catfish correctly?

The Time of Day to Bait

We will start by focusing on the best time of the day to go cat-fishing. Technically, you can go cat-fishing anytime but the best times of day to go cat-fishing is late in the evening or early in the morning. Just like many animals, catfish come out in search of food in the morning, rest near the ground of a lake or river during the day and then come out again for more food in the evening.

Weather and Season as a Baiting Technique

Overcast clouds and rainy days are great times to cat-fishing. The clouds cause early morning, midday and early evening to look the same and you can be successful baiting catfish all day. In the same way that weather is important, so is the season. Cat-fishing is most successful in the fall or the spring because water levels increase and catfish become highly active.

Be Still and Mobile

It is important to keep your bait as still as possible. This will ensure the attraction of catfish to your bait. You don’t want your bait moving or bouncing if you can help it.

While it is important to keep your bait still, it is also important for you to stay mobile. Watch the water for a current or something that suddenly sticks up out of the water. You can find out if fish are in the area by throwing a fresh, sad head by an area that might have catfish. You will soon be able to say if any fish are residing in the area. If you don’t get a bite in about twenty minutes, you should go in search of a new spot.


To find the right cat-fishing spots to bait, you also need to look at the environment. Baits are useless if you aren’t fishing in the right spot. Because catfish like to disappear, look for hiding spots such as sunken logs or deep holes. Follow currents to spot deep channels. Study the waterways before fishing to learn of alcoves, river entry points and other areas where you may find catfish lurking. Catfish bait will be pointless if you don’t have the right fishing spots.

Flood Water Opportunity

Use Cat Fishing Baits

Use Cat Fishing Baits

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the benefit of flood waters. Flood waters cause lakes and rivers to rise, flooding those waters with fresh vegetation and food. The vegetation and food then cause the catfish to feed heavily and become very active. I am suggesting bluegill or shad heads as catfish bait.

Cat-fishing is Exercise

When your wife or doctor tells you to get more exercise, you can go cat-fishing. It is quite a workout to reel in these strong fish, and you will probably break a sweat and have your heart pumping on more than one occasion. Remember that people have drowned when noodling by being pulled into the water by the catfish on their arm. This can be a real workout!

Just to remind you of the proper cat-fishing baits and techniques:

Early in the day or early in the evening
Overcast or rainy days are ideal
Spring or fall are the best seasons
Keep your bait still
Move on every 20 minutes, if you don’t get a bite
Know your waterways

And my last tip for you: try to locate the fish instead of waiting for them to come to you.…


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